Aviation’s Economic Impact #Infographic

The FAA is introducing  a new technology called GPS into air navigation! Well maybe the technology isn’t actually new to the consumer world, but it’s new to the FAA and they’re calling it NextGEN. Check out this infographic where they explain the economic impact of the airline industry, pretty interesting. Source: http://www.faa.gov/nextgen/

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@ReadydotGov #Earthquake

Taking Advantage of a Potential Catastrophe

While the Virginia earthquake last month ended up doing minimal structural damage, the true power of the quake came through twitter. Immediately as the ground started shaking, the twittersphere started buzzing with jokes about the potential damage, flaunting pictures of lawn chairs knocked over. Some brands got caught up in the fun and took it upon themselves […]

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Living Social Escapes and Family Edition

LivingSocial Introducing New Logo

Tonight upon visiting LivingSocial a new logo appeared for the first time. Shown below, LivingSocial’s new logo is veering away from the bold design that mirrors Groupon’s style. This new lighter style appears to be targeted at females, who are the primary market for social buying websites. The previous logo has a similar bold faced font […]

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