LivingSocial Introducing New Logo

Tonight upon visiting LivingSocial a new logo appeared for the first time. Shown below, LivingSocial’s new logo is veering away from the bold design that mirrors Groupon’s style. This new lighter style appears to be targeted at females, who are the primary market for social buying websites.

New LivingSocial  Logo

New LivingSocial Logo

The previous logo has a similar bold faced font to competitor Groupon, however is in all lowercase.

Old LivingSocial  Logo

Old LivingSocial Logo

LivingSocial has slowly been introducing this new lighter style with other elements on the site, including escapes and family edition.

Living Social Escapes and Family Edition

Living Social Escapes and Family Edition Style

No official word from LivingSocial yet.

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5 Responses to “LivingSocial Introducing New Logo”

  1. the new logo is terrible. i was shocked when i saw it. it looks like someting a 6th grader might desktop publish. hate the font, the colorsand the design. loved the elegant look of the old identity – the new one just looks cheap.

  2. @Kim … Sorry, I disagree. As a designer of 20+ years and a traditionally trained typographer, the new logo is a vast improvement on the old one. The typeface used in the new logo is soft, modern, feminine, hip and much better for the audience than the slammed-together regular/bold san serif mash used in the old, very plain and dated-looking one. The thought bubble I’m on the fence about … it’s about ideas and opportunities in many areas of interest (hence the colours), but it’s oddly weighted, positioned and sized to my (old) eyes. That said, still a huge improvement. If I had two of my designers being each to me given the brief (audience, markets around the world, intentions, brand requirements, etc) there’d be no choice which one better met the mark in my mind. Is it perfect? Perhaps not, but the new on rates an 8/10 for me, the old one about a 5/10.

  3. Does anyone by chance know what font they used for the ‘escapes’? I love it!

  4. Does anyone know the name of the font used for their new logo?

  5. the name of the font is called “Social” . James Montalbano from Terminal Design designed the LS logo and the “Social” typeface. You can see the entire font at Terminal Design’s website –