I enjoy posting about random stuff I find online. Thankfully I don’t decide what to post based on what’s in it for me. I do however want to let you know what might be in it for me.

I have a day job. I am a project manager for the second largest independently owned global PR and Communications firm, Waggener EdstromSome of our clients include Microsoft, Toshiba, Shire, T-Mobile and HTC. Anything I post is my personal opinion and should be considered just that.

I have side projects. I help out and advise a few small, medium and large businesses. I will disclose these relationships in my blogs directly.

I’ve had past jobs. I’ve worked for organizations such as Best Buy, DECA, and The Buffalo Chip in Sturgis South Dakota in the past. Similar to my present day job, anything I say is again my personal opinion and does not reflect that of any other organization.

Does it link to Amazon? It is probably an affiliate link. I’ve had an Amazon affiliate account for years and I figure that I might as well use it if it I’m going to link to Amazon anyways.

I build things. Creating new web sites is a passion of mine. If I link to one of my sites I will try as hard as I can to post near-by that I own the site.

All in all, I’ve done a lot of things in my life so far that may influence what I post on any of my sites. Everything reflects me  and not the companies I have represented or currently represent. While I will not post content to simply advertise, I will add things to my posts that help fund my projects.

Make the FTC happy: Assume everything I post has a vested interest. If it doesn’t, bonus!!

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